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@Ghazascanner_2019minishell Our Process – SFBAY
Our Process2020-04-14T00:25:12+05:00

Video Production

You don’t need to be a professional actor to get a great video! Remember, that it takes the right team rather than just one person. With us, you are never on your own-but instead, have the whole crew working for your success! We will make sure you look good on video – because we know how to! Check out the process below:

Step 1: Lets start!

• Fill up the questionnaire here. Give it a go!
• Our team will review the case and assign the Project Manager to take you forward
• You get a call from us to set up the meeting and select your SFBAY package (it is always nice to have options, isn’t it?)

Step 2: Pre- Production Errands

• Visualization (get the main theme of the video)
• Script preparation (we send you interesting questions, and get back your interesting answers. After that, we handcraft the script in-house. No templates- we work personally!)
• Story Board (we highlight the main strengths of your video and build the story around it)
• Scene Selection (we pick a few relevant places to film you. It could be your home, office, or favorite park)
• Dress Selection (yes, we can help you to pick what you need to look tasteful)
• Choosing Equipment (this is our part)
• Prepare for a Shoot (agenda, time, schedule)
• Sign client agreement (important!)
• Set up filming apartment (bring and drop the best looking elements to make the picture look good!)

Step 3: Production Fun

• Audio Recording (it is a separate part- voice is important and sometimes, needs some practice)
• Filming (Woohoo!)

Step 4: Post-Production Beautifying

• Logging and Transcribing (we will select the best scenes)
• Editing (compile the best scenes together)
• Draft Review (review and feedback)
• Revision(s) (make changes)
• Final Review (done!)
• Distribution (you get famous from here!)

Video Marketing

As your digital marketing consultant who understands the “customer journey,” we offer strategy, implementation, optimization, and training across your multi-channel marketing activity to increase visibility, traffic, and conversion — maximizing your digital marketing return on investment.

Marketing Strategy

We develop and implement marketing strategies that will help you meet your unique goals and deliver a sustainable return on investment.

Social Media

We provide everything you need to look great, reach new audience, increase engagement and generate more leads on social media.


Our search engine optimization services will help you rank well on Google and generate more qualified traffic.

Website Design

We design and develop beautiful, engaging, user-friendly and customer-centric websites that attract, convert and delight.

Content Creation

We create relevant content that will attract, convert and nurture your target audience until they become loyal brand advocates.


We’ll help you create high quality digital, print, radio and tv advertisements to promote your products, services, or causes.


We’ll help you establish your brands identity, look and feel, and make sure you’re positioned to beat the competition.

Marketing Automation

Our cutting-edge marketing automation technology can help you scale affordably by automate repetitive times consuming tasks.

Inbound Marketing

Our proven inbound marketing techniques will generate more traffic, convert more leads and close more deals while lowering your costs.

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