Missing Out on the Best Cases?

Attorneys who produce videos with SFBay Video see an average return on investment of 300% and a 2-10X increase in their average case values.

In this pool of legal professionals, you just have to be different to get noticed! It takes one click to get the attention that you need. Put your strengths in front of you and make sure they are seen! Compete with confidence and increase your chances to stand out!

Attract new prospects, send your existing clients greeting video and be different from boring! How is that possible? Your video will speak for you! Deliver the important message by being yourself: the professional, who is trusted and reputable. ( great with testimonials, too!)

As a medical professional, you want your patients feel comfortable with you. As any other personalized business, you gain close attention and trust you deserve with every happy client. Send your health vibe with your video and make your approach as personal as it can be. Thrive in Social Media as a medical star!

Real estate world is all about what you see and whether you like it. In these busy days, some people buy their investments just by looking at the video! Make sure your videos stand out and put a highlight on yourself as the best Agent in the area. We do luxury, commercial real estate videos using latest drones and experienced operators. Check out some of the videos we have done for real estate clients here

Leadership starts from you as an executive, that is why it is cruicial to show your skills and power to the whole world. Name your ship a Winner and let it be the first in the ocean of competition!

Having my video helped me to boost my self-esteem, feel more confident and sharp! I perform better when I feel better about myself!

Video Drives Business

I love the new way to promote myself and my firm. Its like a personal introduction without actually leaving the office!

Video Drives Business

My video saves me a lot of time when people ask me about what we do and what are our strengths are. I just send them my video link and bet they will call me the same day!

Video Drives Business

As a young professional, I need to stand out from the crowd. It is much easier to do with the social media marketing where I just upload my video and let the world know I exist!

Video Drives Business
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